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So a while ago I said I’d scan The King’s Men…

… aaaand that didn’t happen. I’m really sorry (really, I am!), but life has a way of intervening, and I simply never made it to my parents’ (where the scanner is, I don’t have one, I’m poor) long enough to get it done.

BUT! It’s the last week of Uni before our Easter break, so if I don’t get round to it this weekend, sometime next week should work.

Perhaps I’ll get my mum to finally understand how her scanner works, so I can get her to scan it for me. (The porn’s not the problem, technology is, you see).

Anyway, King’s Men FOR THE MASSES - soon.


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Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure I would pay whatever you asked for your signed copy of The King's Men.

Late reply is late, sorry!

I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll ever sell it, sorry  unless you’re paying me in sexual favours from Mr. Gatiss himself but I should get round to finally getting it scanned soon, if that’s any consolation?

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thewholestreet asked: Hi. I've been searching the whole internet for The King’s Men by Christian Fall/Mark Gatiss and well, I guess I shall buy it one day, just let me rob a bank first ($120 on Amazon O.o). As I found your post showing you owned it (signed... I hate you), I now also consider stealing it from you as another way of getting my hands on it ;) Seriously though, I know it'd take lots of time'n'effort, but is there a slightest chance you might scan it...? I'm dying to read it but can't otherwise :(

Sorry about the super late reply!

I know, it’s going for ridiculous prices at the moment, so scanning it was in fact my plan from the moment I got it, and then life intervened, unfortunately. It looks like I’ll get a bit of a breather after the coming week, so I’ll try to get it scanned either the coming weekend, or the week after that.